The stock market is RIGD
Retail traders stand zero chance against Wall Street’s algorithms, insider information and unlimited resources.
You can’t beat them. But you can join them with RIGD. We keep it simple:
Copytrade Wall Street and Win when they Win.
How does RIGD work?
Let’s start with a story on how most retail traders get killed by Wall Street.

The following is a true story with certain details changed to protect identities of certain individuals.

Beta Bill Story

Beta Bill (Retail Trader)

Beta Bill wakes up, eats a giant bowl of crunchy sugar flakes and turns on CNBC. Bill’s stock guru says the same thing, “The stock market is going up.”

Bill sees the stock market going up, draws some fancy lines on his chart and he buys the 433 call option on SPY.

Bill thinks he’s a genius.

Based Ben Story

Based Ben (RIGD user) has a completely different experience.

Based Ben wakes up, runs two casual four minute miles before closing a few million dollar deals without breaking a sweat. He sees the market go up and thinks to himself oh that’s nice.

At 12:25 RIGD sends Based Ben (RIGD user) a notification.

He checks the app and takes the trade from his phone. Based Ben trusts the flow and buys the 432 put option. And here’s what happens next…

The price nukes! It’s a full 4-Strike MOVE dropping from $432 to $428 in only twelve minutes.

Beta Bill Story

Bill is completely destroyed, his account is blown-up once again and is forced to eat bugs for dinner.

Based Ben Story

Ben captures the move, cashes out most of his position at 200% leaving a few runners on in case the market keeps nuking.

He hops into the RIGD discord and says “fellas, how we feeling” a few times before making a maithai and heading out to manage his industrialized aquaponic shrimp farm. Ben’s done trading for the day.

Beta Bill Story

Beta Bill loses by following “financial gurus” (aka furus).

Based Ben Story

Based Ben wins by following Wall Street.

Ben was smart to leave a few runners on… they ended up closing at +423.31%. A lot better than the 200% gains he took early.

So What Actually Happened?
When stocks go up or move down, they elicit a strong emotional response.

Green tells you to buy and red says sell. Wall Street knows this better than anyone and exploits it over and over again. The chart says one thing, but Wall Street has a secret that’s hidden from the public.

The secret is option flow!

Option flow is the most accurate indicator for short-term price movements. However because the stock market is RIGD against retail traders, option flow is not available to the general public. You can’t see it unless you pay the cartel.

That’s why we created RIGD.

Let’s go back to the chart.
Here’s what the RIGD algorithm detected at 12:24:

  • $217,442 in SPY 432 puts bought at the ask (very bearish)
  • $125,662 in SPY 433 calls sold at the bid (just bearish)

This means a Wall Street trader (we call them lizards) is betting $343,104 that the price of SPY will move down.
Next at 12:25 the BEAR alert is sent telling users to buy the $432 put.

Of course… this happened next.

This happens every single day in the stock market. Price starts going up… then bam a nuke!
Price starts going down…. then bam a hulk (upward move)! Retail traders get killed and Wall Street wins.

RIGD is the first platform to help traders win when Wall Street wins.

Our algorithm tracks option flow in real-time and sends alerts when Wall Street takes a big position, so you can copytrade them.
Instead of spending hours doing meaningless research and drawing useless lines on a chart, we use the same artificial intelligence and machine learning strategies to send alerts for Wall Street’s biggest trades.

When they win, you win.

Ready to get started?

With RIGD you don't need to watch the charts, read the Wall Street Journal or know the difference between technical and fundamental analysis (we sure don’t).
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What is RIGD?

RIGD is a 0DTE options trading system that’s easy to learn and actually works.
RIGD option alerts can be INSANELY PROFITABLE.

What are 0DTE Options?

0DTE options (aka zero day) expire the same day they’re opened.
They are the most degenerate volatile financial derivative ever created by man.

What do I need to get started?

RIGD is not a trading platform.
You’ll need a broker like Robinhood or E*Trade to execute trades.
You should also contact a licensed financial professional before doing any type of trading, especially 0DTE given that this is the highest risk form of speculation imaginable.

What is the difference between RIGD and other platforms?

If you want to do research and come up with your own trade ideas, RIGD is definitely not for you. Other platforms offer A LOT more features and functionality, which we consider to be a waste of time.
Do you really think you will discover something that the billionaires with supercomputers and skyscrapers packed with mathlete PhD genius savants missed?
We don’t.
RIGD is the first 0DTE trading system. It’s also the first system designed to copytrade Wall Street and win when they win.
By focusing strictly on 0DTE options, we utilize the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve our models, send better alerts and win more trades.

How difficult is the RIGD system to learn?

It’s probably the most unorthodox trading strategy ever created.
But if you know the difference between the spread and the moneyline, you’ll pick it up almost instantly.

We like to say it’s extremely idiot-friendly, but not idiot-proof.

Is this just gambling?

Yes and No.

Yes: Options trading and gambling are both high risk / high reward forms of speculation, where the most you can lose is the amount spent or wagered.
No: Options trading is superior because it offers unlimited potential returns whereas in gambling the outcome is fixed.

You buy a SPY $433 call option for $100 and sell it for $400 for a +300% gain.
You bet $110 on the Dallas Cowboys to cover the -3 spread at -110 odds, and the maximum you can return is $100.
Every options trade has parlay potential at the same fixed amount of risk.